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Negombo Hotels – Paradise within Paradise

It is certainly true that SriLanka is a tourist’s paradise whether it is for its rich heritage, beautiful beaches, tropical climate or its breath-taking views. Within this paradise lies Negombo, a beach lover’s heaven where some of the most heavenly locations engulf, some amazing hotels in the entire Island. Negombo hotels are generally known for their sea food and serene atmosphere apart from the most hospitable staff. Apart from what surrounds the city, Negombo hotels definitely take credit for being the perfect tourist destination.

Negombo City Tour– Activities to do in Negombo

If it is your first time in Negombo it should ideally start with a city tour around Negombo covering all the pivotal spots such as the Angurukaramulla Temple, the St. Mary’s Church, the St. Sebastian’s Church, Negombo Dutch Fort, the main Fish market, Hamilton Canal and the Negombo Lagoon.  Some tours are tastefully planned with so much to do than just to see. For instance The SriLanka Travel Partner organizes city tours that cater to your convenience and preference.

They usually start from a Hotel in Negombo or wherever you stay and start off the tour with an enthralling catamaran ride taking you in to the deep oceans. The best part about this ride is that you would learn to fish on your own using the modern as well as traditional methods. It would be a fun experience if you could actually catch some fish and bring them back to be cooked for your lunch. However, it is totally fine if you weren’t lucky that day because the next destination would be to the main fish market where an array of fresh fish, prawns, crabs and even lobsters will be available for sale and you can buy them at a very nominal price. Once you have bought your seafood it would be time to get them freshly prepared in to delicious dishes by a chef or you can involve in the preparation yourself. Since local recipes would be different for your pallet it would be good to have it made the local way. Most Negombo hotels and small restaurants along the city roads allow you to watch their live kitchen or even take part in the cooking. After the scrumptious seafood lunch, you would be taken on a boat ride in the Negombo Lagoon. During this boat ride you would be able to spot some of the rare flora and fauna species in the area as well as water birds such as herons, terns, cormorants and shorebirds. The entire city tour experience promises a one of a kind experience for everyone including the locals.

Carefully organised and customised day tours arranged by most Negombo hotels and tour companies make it convenient for travellers to make the best out of their travel experience. It is therefore, highly recommended to go on a group or private package tour than wander about on your own especially if you have limited time in Negombo.