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The Magnificence of the Negombo Beach

Negombo is a popular destination in SriLanka where one can experience possibly all of the words used to describe a perfect Beach holiday; relaxing, calming, soothing, and peaceful.

Conveniently located only 15kms away from SriLanka’s commercial capital - Colombo, it is strikingly one of the most sort after beach holiday destinations for not only tourists but also the locals. Covering several kilometres of pure unspoilt sandy beach, its coastal strip happens to be certainly a magnificent sight.

History of the Negombo Beach strip

During the Dutch and Portuguese era the Negombo beach was a small fishing town which was primarily used in spice trade. Being an export harbour the Negombo beach also gave away for a wide range of SriLankan spices to be exported to various parts of the world contributing to the ancient SriLankan economy up to a large extent. Apart from this one of the pivotal aspects of Negombo would be its breath taking ancient historic monuments and architecture every piece having a touch of Portuguese, Dutch and British influence. It’s colonial past is evident with the significant St. Mary’s Cathedral that stands tall in the midst of the primarily catholic Negombo city.

The Negombo Lagoon

The famous Dutch Canal flows in to the Negombo Lagoon along with a number of other small rivers opening in to the great Indian Ocean where it supports a whole range of marshy foliage and agriculture. It houses a range of rich natural resources. Sightseeing and boating are some of the activities tourists engage in when visiting the Negombo lagoon.

Negombo Beach Resorts for Tourism

Negombo consists of a range of some of SriLanka’s exquisite hotels and boutique holiday resorts in the country, mostly for those looking to spend a relaxing break in the beach front. There are hotels that fit every man’s need and budget, from budget inns to luxury 5 star hotels and Boutique Villas which are spacious to house larger crowds such as The Lagoon Villa.

Opening the doors in to an enchanting yet relaxing holiday experience is the Luxurious boutique hotel situated alongside the Negombo Beach – The Beach - All Suite Hotel which is an ideal destination for honeymoon couples, friends, or family holidaying.

Organizing Holiday gatherings, wedding ceremonies and other events in the sandy beach side resorts have become growingly popular in our country’s context. There are foreigners who are choosing Negombo beach hotels and resorts to be the venue for their Big Day as well! A perfect venue for such gatherings and events would be The Lagoon Villa and The Beach All - Suite Hotel in Negombo.

They promise nothing but an experience of a lifetime to cherish as memories, even after years to come. Pictures do not do justice to the spectacular views of the beach from The Beach - All Suite Hotel and The Lagoon Villa Only your naked eyes can do justice to the beautiful views. Harnessing the best of views of the Indian Ocean these two hotels are comfortably located at two unique spots in the beach strips of Negombo.